Saturday, March 17, 2012

EDMODO, a very useful tool

One of the tools that can help the success of a bilingual program is the use of a reliable Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System. There are numerous possibilities available and more often than not, schools or school districts have one of these environements available for teachers. Students are familiar with these tools and it shouldn't be so difficult to engage them to use the platform that we have chosen.

In the event that the school doesn't offer one platform to their teachers my suggestion is Edmodo. Edmodo is a social learning network  for teachers, students and parents and has an interface very similar to Facebook. Students won't have any difficulty to navigate through the site, read and do the teacher's assignments or be in contact with the rest of the class. The site allows to upload files and from today "Google Docs has been integrated into Edmodo: "This highly requested feature allows you to sync your Google Docs with your Edmodo Library so you can easily access and share your Google Docs with your Edmodo groups."

Signing in is free and, as I already mentioned, Edmodo is flexible and very simple to use. The interface comes in different languages, among them Spanish. It also allows teachers to be in contact with other teachers and it makes very simple to do online projects together with a partner school. To sum up, a working tool that can be be very helpful to make a bilingual program thrive.