Friday, December 14, 2012

Blogging in Spanish

We all know what a blog is and we have already used them in our classes for different purposes. We can create an educational blog to work with our students and include assignments, extra activities, showcase projects done by students, suggest readings, interact with other schools, among many other possibilities.
The main purpose of this post is introduce three blogs in Spanish which offer lots of information on how to create and maintain blogs, intrude gadgets and tools in them and also learn more, in Spanish, about the web 2.0.

This blog offers teachers lots of information about the different kinds of blogs and their educational uses. It also includes tips on how to include components and gadgets in our blogs in a very clear and organized way. The main goal was to help teachers to find and use online resources for the second language classes so we can get a lot of information for our programs here.

This second blog also gives us lots of information on blogs. I particularly like the section about how to include different types of gadgets and "herramientas" that can be useful to improve the layout of our class blog and the students blogs.

The third site is also a blog designed by teachers and for all end users in schools. It also offers a huge amount of useful information about resources online and how to get the use out of them. It is unique because it is maintained by a group of teachers and educators who work across Spain.
Three blogs that can be a good tool to use Spanish in our web 2.0 projects.

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