Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot topics

I have just finished unwrapping all of my presents. The Three Wise Men have been particularly generous to me, likely they found some good deals during Boxing Day. I hope the new year brings you new ideas and inspirations. For me, these are the ideas I would like to explore some time this year on the blog:
  • CLIL, examples of resources created in different schools. What are the key features that enhance the quality of CLIL resources?
  • Do we need to assess the language or just the content in the subject areas taught in Spanish? Are there examples of best practices available?
  • How can we improve students' writing skills? Any inspiring activities around?
  • Short films: how to use them to talk about topics that can can be related to other subject areas such ELA or Social Studies? What about a Cinema Studies subject area for high school bilingual, could it be possible?
  • Explore more examples of international collaboration between schools.
  • Continue identifying suitable texts (novels, short stories, poems) for our bilingual programs that can also complement other subject area studies.
  • Continue my research of ICT that can help our bilingual programs.
These are my blog new year's resolutions. I just hope that they don't fall into oblivion, like it happens with many new year's resolutions of the past! .