Saturday, June 15, 2013

Commercials in Spanish at El Sol

Living in Canada and having limited access to Spanish speaking TV channels have "forced" me to look for alternative ways of finding interesting resources in Spanish for our classes. A website I visit  regularly to keep updated about commercials in Spanish is El SolFestival Iberoamericano de la comunicación publicitaria. The festival started in 1986 and has been growing steadily since then, from 290 spots to over 2,500 in the 2013 edition. All Spanish speaking countries, USA included, have presence in the festival and since 2003,  Portuguese ones were also featured.
In the website we get information about 2013 finalists and this year´s winners. The awards are organized in several categories and 3 awards are given in each of them. There is also a repository with all the winners since 1990, which can serve as a great wealth of resource for our classes.
I am going to spend some time going through all of 2013 winners but having a look at the finalists I could not help but revere at the  two commercials from Argentina new film festival in Hollywood, 2012. Again, as in the commercial from 2009 that I introduced before, the campaign is full of  humour and irony. Again the authors play to everyone's need for belonging to a group. The Argentinian cinema is different from Hollywood productions because Argentinians can portray the feelings and emotions of a different society in very accurate ways. Even viewers used to Hollywood-style cinema can identify with the characters and find these commercials refreshing. 

1. Happy ending?

2. Tough guys, Argentinian version.

The Argentinian cinema is so good that we need to rush to watch it before other cultures copy and adapt these brilliant ideas.