Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer vacation (after the flood)

It has been a hard school year for me. I have been doing a job that is quite different from what I had in mind in 2012 but every cloud has its silver lining, todo tiene su lado bueno. I have learned a lot, even enjoying different challenges along the way.

For everybody who has kept up with the news, the flood waters in Calgary have finally receded! I hope everyone is safe and can go back home as soon as possible! I understand how it feels because we are still evacuated ourselves! Anyway, I am going on holiday in a few days and will be visiting my family and friends in Spain. I plan to charge  my batteries so I won´t post new entries until most likely the end of August.

I´ll take my homework with me though. These are some topics I want to spend time reflecting about so new ideas and new energy can be posted in the new school year. I would like to:
  • spend some time redesigning the blog´s layout.
  • explore the expansion of my blog and ideas through social media, something I have been delaying for some time.
  • catch up with some literary novelties. There are three books I look forward to having the time to read because they can be a good resource for my Spanish classes: Yo soy el cero by Luis Balbuena, Las nueve cifras y el cambiante cero by Bernardo Recamán and La estrategia del parásito by César Mallorquí. I am sure new titles will pile up on my desk soon.
  • catch up with some articles on bilingual education and CLIL. I have neglected this part in the blog in the last months and I want to make sure that the blog is a good tool to learn more about bilingual education and CLIL.
  • watch some films in Spanish I missed in the last two years. I am particularly interested in some of the last Mexican films such as: Heli, La jaula de oro and Nosotros los nobles.
The original plan is to have new materials and ideas to start the school year with plenty to write about in the blog.

I look forward to your visits, comments, and support and wish everyone a wonderful, restful summer! See you in August!

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