Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#eduPLEmooc, an opportunity to meet teachers in Spanish

I have just registered in the eduPLEmooc course. It is a mooc (massive online course) in Spanish for K12 teachers organized by INTEF but which is also open to anyone interested in education and learning technologies. INTEF stands for Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y Formación and it is the branch of the Ministry of Education of Spain which offers online professional opportunities for teachers with the goals of generalizing the use of ICT in K12 education and showcasing best practices. 

This is the first mooc organized by INTEF and I project that it will become useful for North American teachers wishing to connect with colleagues in Spanish speaking countries while brushing up their own Spanish language skills. 

My main goal for this course is to meet and share experiences with teachers working in bilingual programs and learn from them how they cope with the challenges they face everyday at work. I am particularly interested in how others are integrating ICT in second language and bilingual program classes and how they are using ICT to improve students' production in the target language and to increase their learning autonomy. I would also like to explore how ICT can be used to initiate joint projects with other schools.

In addition, I am sure that meeting with other teachers involved in developing a new educational paradigm for schools will be a very rewarding experience. I want to hear about experiences in flipped classes and personalized teaching.

The course starts on the 13th. All the information about the course, its goals and the people conducting it is in available on this website. Because the main goal of the course is to increase teacher collaboration, the course offers several mediums to keep teachers and other participants connected: a blog, twitter #eduPLEmooc, #minubedeintereses etc.

For those in Canada interested in joining in but who are not familiar with the registering system in Spain, contact me and I'll try to help. 

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