Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 second short films for the Spanish class

In this post, I'll continue my previous conversation about 30 second long short films that appear in the Notodofilmfest. We relate these films with "microrrelatos", flash fiction, of which we have so many good examples in Spanish. I am going to introduce some of these "flash short films" that deal with the impact of technology on our daily lives.

Flatmates 3.0 by Francesco Marisei. This first short has won numerous awards for its simple but powerful message. Only one shot is enough to tell us so much about the communication society we live in. It is full of irony and sadness and it can lead to enriching discussion in our classes.

In many ways related to the previous short film, I find Las Batallitas del Abuelo, by Néstor Fernandez, very interesting. A grandfather is telling his grandson about his "batallitas" in his younger years, when he was brave, idealistic and dreamt of changing the world. Only that when he was young, the Internet took over society and changed it forever. This short is very powerful but we need to consider the language used before showing in a class.


And technology has changed the way we get involved romantically with other people, as Chicaconocechico by Pablo Vara  depicts in 30 seconds full of irony.

These 3 short films can be used to discuss about how technology is affecting and changing our lives in the era of global communication. It doesn't mean that we feel less lonely though.